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About Our Ride Services

Whether you need a ride for you or a loved one to a medical appointment or simply to work, our fast, timely, locally based and dependable ride services are for you. Ride and Deliver’s CPR certified drivers are there in minutes and are a known quantity in the community. Lancaster based, ran by Lancaster residents; check out our Driver Profiles below. You will always know who will be picking you up and their credentials. Just as important, they can get there quickly and solve your transportation dilemma. There are no hidden fees or additional per minute costs. Just $5.95 for 5 miles and under and $1.00 for each additional mile, over 5 miles.

About Our Delivery Services

Whether you are craving a meal from Red Lobster or need dry cleaning picked up, our delivery services are a flat $5.95 for all of Lancaster. If ordering food simply call us, tell us what you want and we will take care of everything from there. It is that simple. We are local. We will pick up your food as soon as it is ready, put it in one of our hot bags and deliver it to your door piping fresh and hot. In the event the restaurant makes a mistake on your order or if your order is unsatisfactory in any way, we will personally take it back and make sure that it is fixed. We bend over backwards to take customer care to the next level.





MEET OUR DRIVERS: Dependable, Honest, Transparent

As Lancaster is so compact and the major destinations are in the same approximate area, one of our two main drivers will be your escort.


Sara graduated from nursing school and is an LPN. She also has a logistics degree from the Community College of the Air Force that she obtained during her six years of service in the Air Force. Her medical background makes her ideal for transportation to and from medical appointments, for you or your loved one. Whether your car is broken down and you need a ride to or from work or need a ride to the airport, there is no one better to meet your service needs in a professional, safe and timely manner. Sara drives a gray GMC Terrain.


Chris graduated from Worthington Kilbourne High School. He owned and ran his own business for over 10 years. He has been a privately run contractor in the transportation and delivery sector for over 5 years. His professionalism and worth ethic, have made him an incredible, sought after asset….to such an ever changing and demanding business. He is a huge animal lover and drives a white Kia Nero.

Customer Care: The RIDE and DELIVER specialty. We will bend over BACKwards, to ensure that you are happy.


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Trying to calculate the total cost of your ride? Click the picture above, to be directed to our Map Your Route page. Note: 5 miles and under, the cost is $5.95. Each mile, over 5 miles, is an extra dollar. Miles are rounded up to the nearest whole mile. There are no per minute charges or additional hidden fees.

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