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Click picture, to calculate the mileage and therefore the cost of your ride.

Driving is the easiest and most efficient way to travel between two points – but only if you’re good with directions. Most of us aren’t and thus end up circling the neighborhood or lost in the countryside.

Luckily, with Google maps getting lost is no longer an option. Apart from showing you the exact route you need to take to reach your destination, Google Maps™ is also an excellent route planner, allowing you to select the shortest and cheapest way to get to a particular point.

To calculate the cost, determine the number of miles of your trip. Anything 5 miles and under is just $5.95. Each additional mile over 5 miles is $1.00 per mile and rounded up to the nearest mile. There are no per minute fees or any other additional costs. For a 5.4 mile trip, the cost would be $6.95. It is that simple.

Simply call us, or text us and let us know where to pick you up, where you want to go and when you want to go there. With an accredited LPN as one of our main drivers, we are a great choice for rides to medical appointments. We also can provide a ride to work when your car is broken down or simply a ride to a friends house.

Payment will be required upon arrival. We accept cash, credit and PayPal.

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